We You Me –

The WE of We You Me, represents the oneness of us all. We journey through life interconnected. WE all want love and empathy.

The YOU of We You Me represents the people and circumstances outside ourselves. The people who journey with us and our hardships and adversity are what help us grow toward our higher selves.

The ME of We You Me represents our inner being, our inner light, our soul, our spirit, that part of us that holds the key to the highest version of ourselves.

We You Me  –  A Journey from Duty to Discovery.

My Duty was as dutiful daughter and caregiver to my mother.

My Discoveries: I am a caregiver by nature. This caregiver journey taught me humility, compassion, and to care for myself as I cared for my mother.  This journey taught me to re-connect with my inner me, to honor my inner being, and to allow my soul to soar.

Our purpose is to shine who we really are.
Our purpose is to be happy being who we truly are.

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